Sell Turbine and Power Plant

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Sell Turbine and Power Plant
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We invest of Joint Venture Funding Program

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Information of  our project funding and Joint Venture Funding Program.

We are an Investment Advisory company based in the United Kingdom, working for Group in Qatar, as their mandate for Joint Venture Project & Investment funding. We have been mandated Group to scout for viable and profitable JV Project they can fund.

Group is offering a Joint Venture (JV) Project & Investment Funding Program for clients seeking project funding, this funding program allows the project owner to enjoy 70% profit while Ezdan Holding Group as the investor to enjoys 30% profit of the JV partnership annually for a period of 5-20 years (with the option of the project owner to buy-out the investor within the 5 years).  Group can approve project funding from USD $2 Million up to USD $5 Billion depending on the nature and viability of the business.

We also help clients seeking for investment and project loan from top 25 global AAA+ rated banks, with an annual interest rate ranging from 1.95% - 3.95%, depending on the project type and project country/location factors.

Please find attached our Project/Investment Funding JV Agreement and our application form, please kindly go through it thoroughly and if the terms are ok by your party, fill the JV agreement where necessary and also completed the application form, insert your signature, passport data page, company registration certificate and send it back to us in Microsoft Word, so we can proceed with the processing and approval of the JV project funding with our funding bank.

We will be expecting your response to let us know which of our services that suites your funding need..
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