Sell Turbine and Power Plant

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Sell Turbine and Power Plant
For Sale ( Projects to invest )

Looking Any large amount of SBLC / LCI Can do monetized

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We are a great company in India and we are looking for

We are discounting and monetising the amount needed. The profit will be shared on 50% basis

 Any large amount of SBLC / LCI Can do monetized in Standard Chatered bank  what s the benefit we can divided 50/50%

 According to the transfer fund what your looking for Funding for joint benefit only base on project we can receive no problems that,  but no any partnership or any joint benefit for our project

 Once I return the money 50 % closed for the subjects

If you have Frash cut BG / SBLC we can by 27 to 29 one Present commission both side

As per transaction proceeds Times and Conditions

Oil &Gas ,Petrochemicals plant , Mining Crude Oil , Exploration and Production, Power Plant 12-GW Port & Terminals , Aromatic Complex , Transportations Sea and Road Import & Export Curde Oil & By Products . This are our Project line

Ref : James-ato

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