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Copper cathodes

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Product: Copper electrode
grade A cathode
Dimension: 914mm x 914mm
x 12 mm (approx.) (36 "x 36" x

Weight of each sheet: 125 KGS
(+/- 1%)

Net weight of each pallet: 2
mts (+/- 1%)

Minimum weight in each
container: 20 meters approx.
Gross weight of each
container: 22.20 mts approx.
Packaging: palletized with
aluminum bands

First test: 500 MT - 1000

Quantity: 15000 MT / month
Port of loading: Dare-es-

Inspection in the port
loading / unloading must be
performed by (SGS) or Alex
Stewart or its equivalent and this
will be a conclusive judgment of
the quality and quantity of

Inspection at the port and
loading / unloading must be

$ 5,500 per ton.

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