Sell Turbine and Power Plant
Sell Turbine and Power Plant
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Bitcoin for sale

Hello ,

I am direct to a bitcoin seller who is located in Vancouver Canada , Attached please find the draft contract and let me know if your buyer can work with it .

Minimum Amount is 5000 Bitcoin.

The Seller uses a Hot to Cold wallet procedure to transact

Their Coin is earned and sourced via mining operations and is held in a Core Wallet. .

On video conference the Buyer sees the Coin being transferred from hot to cold wallet and a proprietary code being assigned to the wallet.

The Buyer then logs into bank account and proves funds

At point of payment ... the seller banker has the code and the soft wallet.

Once payment is dispatched and received Coin is released

Its almost an exact replica of a gold bullion transaction

SKR POF ...Funds released ...Gold SKR transferred.

The BTC Offer from the Mining Group with nine locations worldwide is attached.

Unique in the fact that their coin comes from avenues other than purchase; the procedures outlined include a hard and soft wallet proof of coin via a video conference with the Seller herself.  All is outlined in the draft SPA and the included message below from the Seller posted  on a LinkedIn message last week!

 Payment  by MT 103 to Bank Manderi in Jakarta, Indonesia that the seller has done business with for a decade.

Manderi is government owned.

Please review the attached information below.

In the event your Buyers are ready to proceed .... please fill out the draft Spa and return to me and I will forward the IMFPA for your input.

Please call me if you have any questions .


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The seller is Broker


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