Sell Turbine and Power Plant
Sell Turbine and Power Plant
- For Sale ( Raw Materials )

Bulk rice for sale

 DEFINE place of delivery (of the buyer) or it is collected in the sellers warehouse

WE NEED LOI letter in attention to my name
Granillo ... $ 12.30
Popular rice 50%

bankrupt ... $ 14.50
 Commercial rice 25%
bankrupt ... $ 16.50
 Super Extra Rice 5%
bankrupt ... $ 18.20
1.-Sold in bulk
2.-It is delivered to the plant (Veracruz, Nuevo Leon or Guanajuato, whatever the buyer decides), and according to what is established in the delivery logistics, DOES NOT INCLUDE FREIGHT
3.-The total payment is at the time of loading

4.-Previous contract is signed (LOI letter and tax kit are required)
5.-Minimum sale of 3,000 tons (can be SPOT sale or contract from 2 to 12 months)

6.-NO letter / bonds are required because 100% will be paid before loading


DEFINIR lugar de entrega (del comprador) o se recoge en bodegas del vendedor
NECESITAMOS carta LOI en atención a mi nombrere
Granillo... $12.30
Arroz popular 50%
quebrado... $14.50
Arroz comercial 25%
quebrado... $16.50
Arroz Super Extra 5%
 quebrado... $18.20
1.-Se vende a granel
2.-Se entrega en planta (Veracruz, Nuevo León o Guanajuato, lo que decida el comprador), y según se establezca en la logística de entrega, NO INCLUYE FLETE
3.-El pago total es al momento de cargar
4.-Se firma contrato previo (se requiere carta LOI y kit fiscal)
5.-Venta mínima de 3,000 toneladas (puede ser venta SPOT o contrato desde 2 a 12 meses)
6.-NO se requiere carta/fianzas porque se pagará el 100% antes de la carg

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