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For Sale ( Gas Turbine )

CCGT unit with gas turbine 6FA

CCGT unit with gas turbine GE 6FA and auxiliary equipment available for sale.

CCGT was commissioned in 1998 and was initially installed as a part of CHP Plant in Czech Republic. 
Operation of the plant was suspended in 2010 and since that time installations were not used. 
At the moment assets are stored in Poland. 

CCGT includes: 

1 Gas Turbine  type MS 6001 FA,
serial number GT-1 SN No.: EGG0053
(worked about 14 517 hours)
2 Exact 6FA GT unit  type 6FA.01 / DLN 2.0 combustion system,
(unit number 6FA02);
3 Gearbox  type TA 73 XT,
serial number : 627139,
 (produced by Renk AG)
4 Generator type T 237-268,
 serial number:  500199
(produced by Alstom)
5 Auxiliary compartment  lube oil system - ACC scope,
(partly filled with corrosion inhibitor)
6 Control package (MCC) MCC
7 Transformer  T105, 
115 kV

We consider both - sale of CCGT as a whole set or disposal by the elements

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