Projects, raw materials, power plants
Projects, raw materials, power plants
For Sale ( Gas Turbine )

Steam Turbine Power Station Plant. 1300 MW

for sale :

Steam Turbine Power Station Plant. 1300 MW
  Below and attached is all the details you require for any interest.
  For a direct introduction, we would require an LOI.
  Here we are contracted by lawyers to sell this Power Plant. Please read carefully.
  Steam Turbine Power Station Plant.
  It is packed in a very Professional way, ready for sale and shipping.
  It is capacity 1300 MW.
  The plant was in test run condition. Professionally dismantled  by Professional  Company 
 The power plant was used as a standby Power Station whilst having the Main Power Station serviced.
  The Original Purchase Value of this Plant was: €
950 Million USD
  The Complete Sale of the 1.3 GigaWatt Gas Turbine Power Plant is: € 160 Million USD (Plus 10% Commissions Payout from Buyer), 
  FOB European Port 
  In order for us to get our facts clear and decisive, our Seller has requested the following information from the Buyer:
 1-  LOI - Letter of Intent + Company registration Certificates,
  2- Where is this Power Plant going to? End destination Country?
  3- Buyers credit rating and POF.+ BCL from the BuyerS Bank
  We need to be informed as to when the equipment be ready (Date) and prepared for shipping.
  These are basic questions that we kindly require in order to satisfy the Seller s mind. Once we have this we can continue to the next step.
  To the buyer: we understand that you will wish to inspect the plant before purchasing and at that point, a non-refundable deposit of 5% (7,500,000 euros) will be required. This will be taken off the Purchase Price on completion. 
If you fail to complete then the deposit will be forfeit.
3-  We can provide you with an engineer who worked on both the installation and the dismantling and packing of the plant if required to help guide you through with your engineers. The Engineer will be contacted via us but will be paid by the buyer.
 He will be put on a retainer until his time is completed and you have received the final detailed preparations for shipping. 
we can do full assistance regarding Logistics it is up to you!
do not hesitate to ask any questions, we will be happy to reply to you as possible!

please send all documents requested to include LOI to

ref herr

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