Projects, raw materials, power plants
Projects, raw materials, power plants
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Looking partner JV to build a wind turbine plant 70Mw

We are looking for an experienced  partner to build a wind turbine plant

Project in Joint venture partners in Thailand

20 wind turbine of 3.5 mw each


Project objectives and hiring methods
The study of the feasibility of investing in the installation of wind turbines to generate electricity is aimed at
1) Study an area suitable for investment in installing wind turbines to generate electricity in Thailand.
2) Investigate patterns and alternatives of investment in installing wind turbines to generate electricity in Thailand.
3) Study the financial feasibility of investing in the installation of wind turbines to generate electricity in Thailand and
4) To study the appropriate feed-in tariff (FiT) electricity purchase price from the government.
By collecting relevant research data As well as Internet research the data that has been analyzed is the net present value.
Internal rate of return Adjusted internal rate of return Profitability Index And the test of variance
The study found that Conditions of the area in Thailand, the southern coast. Has the potential to generate electricity with wind
power. From technical studies Area with wind speed 4 m/s Wind turbines should be installed. Electric power is an important fundamental
factor in meeting the basic needs of the public and is the main factor used in the production of business and industrial sectors. Therefore,
it has to produce electrical energy. To have sufficient quantities to meet the energy demand and the nature of electricity usage. Of power
users (Load profile). Economic growth will lead to business development. With more industries and services, at the same time, people
will have more incomes. (Energy Policy Office, 2015), which resulted in an increase in the demand for electricity and the amount of
electricity generation in the country, according to the National Energy Policy Office. It was found that Thailand uses natural gas as the
number one fuel for generating electricity. But the amount of natural gas is limited as most of the natural gas supply comes from the Gulf
of Thailand, according to the proven natural gas supply in the Gulf of Thailand (Proven reserve), the volume remains to maintain the
current production level for only 20 years. Therefore, it may not be able to use natural gas. Can be the main energy source in the future as

for the fuel used to generate electricity, the second place was coal. The advantages of using coal as an energy source are Has low
production costs, they are very large and can be used for 200 years, but the use of coal generates toxic gases from the combustion of coal.
Cause environmental pollution It shows that in the future there is a need to reduce the proportion of natural gas and coal as an energy
source for power generation Therefore, to support the economic growth and the increasing population The government has therefore
developed a 21-year renewable and alternative energy development plan (2015-2036) or the 2015 AEDP plan, with the government
focused on increasing the proportion of renewable energy and alternative energy to reach higher 30 percent of total energy consumption
Within 15 years and to promote electricity production from renewable energy. The National Policy Committee has revised the electricity
purchase rate for the new natural energy group. By agreeing to purchase electricity in the form of Feed-in-Tariff That is to say, the
purchase rate of electricity will remain constant throughout the project life. It does not change according to the base electricity and Ft,
resulting in a clear and fair price. (Ministry of Energy, 2016) with all sizes of wind power purchased at the rate of FiT 6.06 baht per unit

with a period of support of 20 years

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