Projects, raw materials, power plants
Projects, raw materials, power plants
To Buy ( Oil Products )

Looking to Lease or Purchasing of the Oil storage Tanks

I would like to request your kind attention to discuss the leasing possibilities for oil tanks facilities

with your organization, please advise of the availability with the following details:

Description of the available Tanks

Volume/Capacity in MT or M3

The Leasing minimum or maximum period and rates:

Payment Method:

Locations of Interest: Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China and Russia.

Chinese ports
Malaysia ports
Singapore ports
Thailand ports
Indians ports

Only direct contact and owner of the facility are allowed to respond.

I will be glad to hear back from you very promptly,

and thank you kindly for your consideration and response.

The volume is from six million bbls to 20 million bbls 
This port maybe suitable, because we can do some upgrades and extension also..

If the location is suitable and the owner are flexible in the payments required,
we can surely consider the purchase of the assets and not leasing.

Also, let me know the capacity for the currently available tanks there.

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